1975 Honda CB200T

My first motorcycle purchased around December 2009 for $850 from a young mechanic in the West Loop.

1977 Triumph Bonneville T140V

My second motorcycle purchased in 2010. It was listed on eBay and sold for $1,700. I contacted the seller and when the bidder never paid I drove up to Wisconsin and took it off his hands. I knew of the town it was located which kinda may me less hesitant to buy it. It was half apart and amidst somewhat of a “restoration” the seller had given up on. It took about a year to get it sorted.

1982 Yamaha XT 250

Purchased in September 2014 for $150.00. No title, no rear wheel, no chain, and lots of broken parts. I bought this because I had always wanted to exact dual-sport from First Blood. Still working on it, not yet running.

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