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The Story of my Triumph

The story of my Bonneville begins with having some spare money in my checking account. I had been browsing bikes on ebay for years, Triumph’s especially. I came across a 1977 Bonneville in a “basket case” state. The owner was taking it apart and had spent $1100 in parts. I knew nothing of Triumphs or British Bikes but I knew I wanted one and this seemed affordable to at least get the parts home. It was located in East Troy,WI a lake town I have been to because a friend’s lake house. If it was anywhere else, or further I probably would have passed. I knew less than nothing about Triumph’s but gathered the later ones were probably the only I would ever be able to afford. So one night I see it on eBay and before I can bid it ends for $1700.

I know on ebay most big money auctions fall apart. So I e-mailed the seller and told him to call me if the high bidder didn’t pay. Needless to say the idiot that bid spoke to him once and never paid or made arrangements to get the bike. He called me and I told him I would be there the next day. I called my friend Kyle and we were able to head to his Lake House the very next day. I literally cashed out everything I had and only had 1600$ which I offered him. He said he was firm on 1700, luckily Kyle spotted me the extra hundred, as he wasn’t gonna not let me get the bike for a lousy 100. Side note after fees on ebay he would have made $1500 only. We loaded the frame and parts into the van and headed back to Chicago. After unloading the bike me and Kyle had to pick up tickets to See Iggy and the Stooges, which was coming up soon. That show was fucking awesome, but that was much later.

It took a long time to get my Triumph up and running due to certain lack of knowledge, funds, and time. But after a year or so of learning, falling and getting back up I had a running Triumph. And not a stupid new one. Immortal thanks to my Dad as well, he had a bunch of bikes long ago I didn’t realize. It was even featured in a commercial, they paid me to bring my bike to McCormick place and used it in one small shot where some guy is sitting on it. I had to pull the Triumph badges off the tank but that’s her alright. I actually did catch the commercial on TV ONCE! It was pretty cool to see MY BIKE on TV. I’ll put the video below. Bike can also been seen on the header of this website.

Last Year at Marienbad

So I finally got around to seeing this film and it was quite a sight. It’s difficult for me to sit down, put down distractions and sit through a film of almost any length at this point. I’m sure I don’t have ADD, if that is a real thing, but it remains hard. Computers and smartphones and all that “social media” have really run amok on my brain and focus. I suppose it is entirely my fault and I don’t blame them, but alas literally doing anything anymore is getting harder. I’m glad I dumped Facebook a few years ago but I still scrape reddit as my goto distraction. Why? I really don’t know. I should probably work on being more “disconnected” with this crap and actually doing stuff, any stuff!

I used to spend more time listening to (new to me) music, watching films and spending tons of time online in search of more and more. This was probably 2002-2008. I graduated High School in 2008 and I probably have been losing focus ever since. I first heard of Marienbad when Criterion released it and later on when it went OOP and seemed like I could never afford. The few screenshots and reviews I read intrigued me and I totally bookmarked the film on my mental to view list. It was only a few months ago I finally saw it.

It definitely drew me in and by the end I was a bit less concerned with phone and more so with what was going to happen for the finale. It’s a love story between two possibly reuniting lovers and nothing is a certainty really. The film plays very dream like and it was left very open for interpretation in regards to what the characters reveal and what reality may exist inside this film. Memories fade, corrupt, and even wish themselves into your brain. Not only that obviously every eye has a different story or memory to tell.  The close moments in the film are very well placed and much of this film teases you, like love in reality. Delphine Seyrig looks absolutely stunning in this film in every sense of the word. Her wardrobe and style throughout keep you coming back much like the main character. Literally everything else in the world is worthless upon sight of her. I knew why this guy keeps hounding her.

But in the end we don’t really know. Much like how anyone stands in the future, who knows? The point is it doesn’t matter the thrill of the ride was far more satisfying and life inducing then anything. The mere thought of having this woman, even on credit, is enough to silence all thoughts and drive someone beyond. But in the end you’re probably old and alone. I lived once but that is long behind me.