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Dylan’s Story Part 1

So Dylan awoke when his 4:45 alarm went off blasting the chorus from Bound For the Floor. He got up and got away with two snoozes before taking a shower at 5:03. Then he began shaving, bushing his teeth, fighting early traffic, finding a parking spot and waiting outside the front door at work for a boss to show up. The cycle seemed apparently deluded and not quite worth it for 10.25$ an hour. At least he was working on a decent young guy type wardrobe(kinda), but let’s face it the materials are shit as is the build quality not too mention nearly all the items he sold were items that have been felt up, worn, torn, creamed on, and now they sit in purgatory of a clearing house getting rid of the company’s left overs. Originally he started with this company when finishing up college since he was piss broke all the time and was hemorrhaging money on alcohol, food, and drugs up the ass. The part time endeavor served him after he graduated and was relocated and promoted to a full time gig at the busiest store in the district. Needless to say the powers that be allowed him the position but not much else. He had not thought about how long he had worked there but it had been a few years at least maybe 3 or 4, who knows, it didn’t matter.

It was a full time job, with full time benefits, but small room for growth and tons of thankless work. Not that Dylan needed words like “thanks” or “good job”, he just needed things done for his own sake of mind. He took his job seriously, perhaps more than he should have. The job was a reflection of himself however he never did lousy jobs no matter how big or how small no matter how personal or third party. He refused to sign his name to shit, unless he hit a point where he no longer cared. We all reach the “that’s it, I quit, I don’t give a shit” point but he hadn’t yet at this job. He had gotten close a couple times but ultimately he’s still there. For better or worse, this was the day the calm began to end. He foresaw the end after today. The end of a dinky clothes store just, 1 in a multinational who sells once expensive items for dog shit.

This isn’t the end but the start of the end………