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Anamosa Motorcycle Museum or How I Saw One Man’s Collection

No motorcycle museum is truly complete without a Captain America replica. There’s thousands by now…..

So one day I ended up at this Motorcycle Museum. It was about 4.5 hours from Chicago so on one of my days off we went. It was a pretty nice collection of over 400 bikes of all sorts. It soon became apparent most of the bike’s were on loan from 1 or 2 people mostly. It’s like this one guy built a museum for all his bikes and charges admission and takes donations. Some great bikes I’m sure I will never see again in the flesh, including  a Brough Superior, and a Rudge Ulster.

The trip re-invigorated my lust for taking a long solo motorcycle trip around the country and maybe the world. It was a temptation having to visit in Winter and not being able to ride my bikes when we got back home. Some of the artwork for sale was really great to, unfortunately I did not spot the artist name on the first painting but contact the museum if you’re interested.

Here’s some of the highlights at least for me. Supposedly a Then Came Bronson replica was there but I couldn’t find it.

Brough Superiorimag0276 imag0278 imag0279 imag0280 imag0281 imag0282 imag0283 imag0284 imag0285 imag0286 imag0287 imag0288 imag0289 imag0290 imag0291 imag0292 imag0293 imag0294 imag0295 imag0297 imag0299 imag0302 imag0306 imag0307 imag0308 imag0309


Some of the artwork I enjoyed, sorry I don’t have the artists name or prices, contact the museum directly if interested. I think they were all very expensive.

102 Chamber Drive Anamosa, IA 52205

Death Behind Her


I’d say it’s one thing to do in Iowa, supposedly there’s a good pizza place in Davenport but I forgot what its’ called.