Monthly Archives: October 2016

New Day Rising

Started this post a while ago……but anyway.

So I finally quit my retail management job and have a wide open future. My Honda is running well, does need a new rear rim however. Triumph is next which always needs work. Then finally my Yamaha which I have never ridden. I am trying to sleep for a month after working to much. But now I am quite broke which is a problem.

I have found another retail job and now I am at the bottom. I work full time but have a dim view of my horizon and constant lack of funds and constant bad luck. I am also no longer in a wonderful relationship, so all I can do is stay busy and productive. It’s going alright but life is quite the fucker sometimes.

Summer came and went, almost time to winterize my bikes and bust out all jackets. Another wonderful Chicago winter awaits, hopefully I can get my Yamaha running in time for next.