Originally I wanted this site to be like bringatrailer.com, only for motorcycles. They had the ThrottleYard but it disappeared. So I did that because I watch ebay and craigslist for bikes. I then realized people interested probably do the same on their own.

Then I thought about being like The Selvedge Yard wherein I write articles similarly themed because I like that kind of stuff he does. I decided against just ripping off his style though, even though he now seems to mainly sell t-shirts and expensive jeans.

Now I have finally decided the site will be a personal blog posting whatever I want for me. Be that poems,songs,short stories,pictures, updates on my vintage motorcycles when they break down, frustrations, film criticism, work problems, personal health issues and more. In effort to not be a copycat and to somewhat put some stuff “out there”. Thus far it’s becoming a bit of a film review blog but we shall see where it ends up.

Never Go Fast Enough

A long convoluted name
It stems from a line in the film Two-Lane Blacktop.

The Mechanic: You’d have yourself a real street-sweeper here if you put a little work into it.
G.T.O.: I go fast enough.
The Driver: You can never go fast enough.

Similarly Hunter S. Thompson once wrote,

On my tombstone they will carve, “IT NEVER GOT FAST ENOUGH FOR ME.”


My name is Gary, I and live in Chicago. This blog is just a small part-time hobby of my mind.

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